Adit Ltd. has been established in 2005 in Israel.

dit Ltd. has become established in 2005 in Israel. . It�s providing the most superior technological answers for anchoring programs. It�s engineering office is supporting our consumers while in the style and also the set up of all fastening answers.  עוגן חץ We are spreading our knowledge in fasteners in Israel via a huge selection of conferences and technical content articles that are one of many principal source of information in fasteners for designers.

Amongst our clients, the Minister of Protection of Israel, the Minister of International Affairs of Israel, the Israeli Countrywide Business of Ports and Airports and even more than 200 engineering offices and a wonderful amount of key contractors like Danye Cibus, Minrav,Tidhar, Solel Boneh, Bassat, Besser etc�

Our suppliers, De Walt, Chemfix, Index, MKT, G&B Fissaggi are all of European or North American origins and have ISO certificate. עוגן חץ Our chemical fasteners are all complying with the European Norms of fasteners known as ETA (TR029) and are made in England.


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